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DAVE HEINE, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
DAVE HEINE, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

If Dave Heine had to be summed up in one sentence it might read like this: He is a man with a hard nose for business and a soft heart for the afflicted. He left successful jobs in petroleum and law enforcement and in 2001 and moved to Florida where he plunged into start-up businesses. His most visible business presence today is in the timeshare sector where he is one of the founders and President of Timeshare Escrow and Title LLC which operates in 22 states. He is also the president of Land Title of Florida, LLC an Orlando based full-service title company and manages and operates several other businesses.

Heine holds a U.S. patent for the concept and implementation of Timeshare Pro Plus which revolutionized the way timeshare paperwork is processed with all the data securely held in buyers and sellers personal accounts. With his guidance and years of experience in the field, the four modules of save time, paper and postage and avoid the uncertainty that has historically been inherent in Timeshare transactions. As President of Timeshare Pro Plus, Heine is making everything transparent and ultra secure.

Heine also has been honored for his humanitarian work on behalf of several charities such as the Lupus Foundation, but he is especially regarded as an advocate for animal protection. When his small Boston terrier had to have a knee replacement that made her a legend in veterinary circles, Dave saw the need of greater support and facilities in animal medicine and in animal rescue.

As a public speaker, Heine has presented many seminars to investors on Mortgage Fraud as well as acted as presenter for Property Records Education Partners, a part of the Property Records Industry Association. He also has presented information throughout the State of Florida to Property Appraisers and was a guest speaker at an annual meeting of The Florida Chapter of the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Nanette Parratto-Wagner
Nanette Parratto-Wagner, D.V.M., Ph.D., Co-founder of Allie’s Law

An experienced veterinary clinician and researcher, Dr. Parratto-Wagner has served on the faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston as researcher, mentor, and clinical veterinarian. She also has led veterinary support departments for three corporations and established TBF, PLLC, which provides clinical and regulatory affairs services to private and not-for-profit veterinary businesses and continuing education enterprises.

Affiliated with Pershing Oaks Animal Hospital since 2006, Dr. Parratto-Wagner interests and expertise include cancer, dermatology, behavior, immune and endocrine disorders, and pharmacogenetics. She serves as Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for the North American Veterinary Community.

An active member and volunteer in the community, she currently serves as Chair of the Orange County Animal Services Advisory Board and previously has served as Chair of the Orange County Animal Services Dangerous Dog Investigation Committee and Chair of the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine. She is active in local civic groups, a leader of several ministries in her church, and a member of a number of professional organizations.

    • March 2019 – present: Chair Orange County Animal Services; Advisory board member since 2016
    • May 2018 – present: Florida Veterinary Medical Association Well-Being Committee member
    • December 2012 – September 2016: Board of Veterinary Medicine, State of Florida, member, vice-chair and chair
    • December 2010 – present: North American Veterinary Conference, Gainesville, FL, Member and Chair of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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