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“Learn about Allie and how she has inspired us to get this law passed by 2021. ”

Allie is 5 years old and came into Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida on Christmas evening 2018 at 3 ½ years old, and instantly became a foster failure. Allie was a Craigslist find and we convinced the party that had Allie that rescue was the best place for her. Between a private donation and help from one of our resources, CL Boston Terrier Rescue Foundation, a 501C3 based in Seattle Washington that helps rescues like ours take in high risk dogs found on Craigslist and Facebook, we were able to come up with the bounty of $400.00 to pay the Office Manager of the Veterinary Hospital that had her.

Allie was surrendered to the animal hospital by her owner who was a back yard breeder when she was pregnant with her 3rd litter, before the age of 3 and had been in labor per the medical records for over 24 hours. The story was, the breeder could not afford the “C” Section and surrendered her to the animal hospital. At least that was the story we were given and medical records which are incomplete at best indicate and also appear to be altered to reflect that story.

The office manager/vet tech for the animal hospital claimed she had possession of Allie after the surrender and paid for the needed surgery. We were told that the surgery happened 3 months prior and that the breeder demanded the puppies at birth and the doctor gave them to the breeder and that Allie suffered from post partum separation. Allie’s surgery was actually 9 months prior, and 1 month prior to her 3rd birthday, and not 3 months like we were told.

It was at that point we were told by the Office Manager that the Doctor and the Hospital were aware of the other 6 Boston Terriers the breeder had, but not about Allie.

When I inquired about the visible scars to her legs, face, head and ears, I was told that they knew the breeder threw food into the center of the floor and the dogs had to fight to consume what they wanted.

“ Why was this allowed to go on and not be reported.

Sometimes answers to questions are so shockingly simple that they get over looked. In this case the answer really is simple. It happened because Florida Statutes, while making animal abuse a crime and while giving immunity to Veterinarians for reporting animal abuse, do not require a Veterinarian to report animal abuse. At best any reporting requirements are on a county by county basis which some counties have adopted and many others have not.

In Allie’s case, if we believe all of the Office Manager’s story, the Veterinarian could have saved as many as 6 additional lives by making a report. Instead, the very profession that saves lives like Allie’s turned their back to her and was not her voice, since she has none on her own, and sadly, it is perfectly legal to do so.

But we all know, where the law is not explicit, it is silent, and in the world of abuse, if it is silent, then it does not have to be reported. And not reporting is ok. At least for now.

If Allie’s Law passes in 2021, it would for the first time in Florida history that making reporting animal abuse a requirement. The proposed text of the bill specifically states that “A veterinarian licensed to practice in the state shall report visible signs of animal cruelty to local law enforcement and/or local animal control, who shall investigate cases of animal abuse”.

Allie and I, and the others like Allie, stand before you tonight to ask for your support and endorsement in getting Allie’s Law introduced and passed in 2021 so that we may begin to break the toxic triad of animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence abuse.

With legislators, the more support for something the more they are inclined to listen and support the legislation. We all need to be the voice for those that can not speak, because as Allie would say, IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to talk about the importance of introducing and PASSING Allie’s Law and we hope that you will provide your support and endorsement to this piece of legislation.

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