The Bill

A word from Allie’s Dad

The 2020 legislative session ended in Mid-March and then the pandemic changed our world.

During this time, Allie and her dad have been hard at work re-wording Allie’s Law for 2021, when an amazing thing happened to us.

During session, Allie and her dad made friends with many lobbyists. One in particular stood out, Travis Moore of Moore Relations. Travis was there for our Senate hearings, was there in meetings with our Legislative Stakeholders and in many other ways.

During the Humane Society of the United States Lobby Days, he introduced us to Alicia Prygoski of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which is his client.

While we all fundamentally agreed with what Allie’s Law was trying to accomplish, they showed us the technical issues within Allie’s Law and agreed to work post session to make the fixes.

For the past 3 months, Travis and Alicia and Kathleen Wood of the ALDF, along with Allie and I, worked through many conference calls to understand the intent and then many more hours helping to re-draft Allie’s Law for 2021.

Allie and I support the redrafted version 100% and the expansion of covered animals and clearer more concise definitions for the veterinary community.

It is with great honor and huge thanks, and with the FULL support of our partner the Animal Legal Defense Fund that we present Allie’s Law 2021.

We all hope your families have stayed safe during this pandemic.

Allie and her amazing team
Allie’s Law 2021

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